Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (“MbS”) Becomes Mr. Bone Saw

Brazenly trying to play the entire world for suckers, the government of Saudi Arabia now insists that Washington Post journalist-in-exile Jamal Khashoggi died in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey  after “discussions” there “led to a brawl” resulting in Khashoggi’s death. Could there be any, hmm . . . problems with this story? For one thing, how likely was Khashoggi to fight the 15 men newly flown in from Saudi Arabia on two private jets to meet him upon arriving to get papers so he could marry his Turkish fiancée? Isn’t 15-to-1 pretty bad odds? Especially when one man allegedly present is the desert kingdom’s top forensic doctor, carrying along for the occasion a bone saw.

Torture. Death. Dismemberment. Followed by over two weeks of evasion. That’s the far more plausible narrative. Who is Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, who routinely goes by his initials?

Two-faced would be an apt description. Sure, there’s the big smile. This same guy has been lauded from Washington, D.C. to Silicon Valley as the modernizer our biggest Arab ally desperately needs. Saudi women finally allowed to drive. The country’s oil wealth to be shrewdly leveraged through a series of investments overseas. But along with that smile, note the asymmetrically raised left upper lip (a sign of contempt) and how often this young, power-behind-the-throne narrows his eyes in anger, as in to “hit out” or order a “hit” on a journalist criticizing his native government.  That’s the BMS who had an uncooperative Lebanese prime minister “kidnapped” until he resigned from office, and who plunged into the ghastly civil war in Yemen.

Now the “preliminary results” of the Saudi investigation into what happened in Istanbul have resulted in 18 arrests and some fairly senior-level firings. Who else but BMS is of course best to lead the investigation from this point onward? At least the Saudi crown prince will be in good company. “I want to find out what happened” our president, Donald Trump, avowed early on in this saga. Never mind that the left corner of Trump’s mouth edged sideways, betraying fear, as he made this avowal, only to also shut his eyes from the spectacle of seeing anything.

An otherwise beaming-for-the-prince, Mike Pompeo, has in his duties as our Secretary of State asserted that extraterritorial murders like Khashoggi’s apparent fate are “not consistent” with American values. The concern expressed by Pompeo’s knitted eyebrows was oh-so reassuring. Likewise, that same expression from Trump in previously suggesting the murder could have been carried out by “rogue killers” who just happened to choose the consulate instead of a dive bar in which to take part in a brawl. One thing is for certain: life sure become interesting when people insist their left hand doesn’t know what their right hand is doing.