Help Dan Hill’s EQ Spotlight Reach New & Noteworthy on iTunes

Horse Racing photo by Softeis, 05/28/2005 at Galopp Riem, Munich, Germany.

The usual Kentucky Derby race lasts all of 2 minutes. It’s slightly better trying to win a spot on iTunes’ list of New & Noteworthy podcasts – but not by much!

Your podcast qualifies based on the first 8 weeks on performance. So how you break from the gate is EVERYTHING.

Here’s to hoping you might check out the first few episodes, and subscribe, give a 5-star rating and/or a review. Every little bit helps.

There are two currencies in life: dollars and emotions. For the past 20 years in running my EQ-oriented market research firm Sensory Logic, Inc. I’ve tried to help clients achieve more “bang for their buck” by ensuring they create the greatest degree of emotional connection possible with prospects and existing loyal customers.

Every Thursday we will be dropping new episodes highlighting my conversations with prominent authors across a wealth of topics that include all aspects of business – from the marketplace to the workplace – as well as conversations about world events, culture, sports, psychology, and more.

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