Why a Good Meeting Agenda Isn’t Enough to Ensure Value

In a recent blog posting by Michael Hyatt entitled “The Secret to Great Meetings: Preparation,” Hyatt offers three useful suggestions. They consist of:

1) Designate a meeting leader and facilitator

2) Construct a carefully planned agenda

3) Pick the right setting.

The second point ensures the meeting has a primary purpose, with two or three desired outcomes.

Is that enough? Probably not suggests Ann Latham in her new book The Power of Clarity. After all, outcomes that come from meetings often amount to nothing more than “let’s study this further” or “so-and-so will circle back with some ideas for next time.” Instead, Latham argues in favor of a firmer standard: what is tangibly different as a result of discussing the issue during the meeting? Only then will real progress happen.

Released today: episode #69 of my podcast series “Dan Hill’s EQ Spotlight,” featuring Ann Latham discussing The Power of Clarity: Unleash the True Potential of Workplace Productivity, Confidence, and Empowerment. Click on https://newbooksnetwork.com/category/special-series/dan-hills-eq-spotlight to get to the new episode.

Ann Latham has consulted for major global companies like Boeing and Medtronic, as well as Public Television, and she’s the author of two other books: The Clarity Papers and Uncommon Meetings. She’s been interviewed by The New York times, Bloomberg Business Week, and Forbes, where she’s also an expert blogger.

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