Scrambled Eggs Episode 6: Ella Bell Smith & Stella Nkomo

Need a quick laugh to go along with some food for thought? Then this and every session of Scrambled Eggs is perfect, as Dan Hill and his guest explore a key term from each author’s book and how it might lead to improved business practices.

In the episode 6, my guests are Professors Ella Bell Smith and Stella Nkomo, authors of Our Separate Ways.

We discussed the terms COMPANY CULTURE: 1) A cult you have to join or else you won’t get any work done. 2) A synonym for office politics. 3) Bacteria that grows when people are forced to work together.

and DIVERSITY: 2) A term the C-suite highlights in the company’s Value Statement, though without officially giving it the status of an orphan.

These terms and others can be found in my new book: