How to Thrive in an Upside-Down World

The joke is that the only person in the world who normally welcomes change is a baby with a dirty diaper. Indeed, a change in the status quo means we have to exert energy to deal with that change and people are generally loath to expend more energy than necessary. Scientists call this phenomenon trying to avoid the “metabolic cost” of expending mental and physical energy. You and I call it preferring to live life like a house cat, if we only could! In this episode, April Rinne offers advice based on her eight rules for navigating change more adroitly. Part of her advice has to do with slowing down, setting a sustainable pace to avoid burnout in ever more demanding careers. But there’s more. How may higher education change, including MBA programs, in a world where more and more of us will be part of the Gig Economy? Listen in for Rinne’s unique perspective.

Released today: episode #80 of my podcast series “Dan Hill’s EQ Spotlight,” featuring April Rinne  discussing Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change. Click on to get to the new episode.

Images of Author April Rinne and her new book "FLUX: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change for Dan Hill's EQ Spotlight podcast episode 80 called "How to Thrive in an Upside-Down World"

April Rinne is one of the 50 leading female futurists in the world, a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum and a Fulbright Scholar. She’s also traveled to over 100 countries as part of having a front-row seat to a world in flux.

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