Rise Above Mass Distraction

Ever feel like you’re “screaming” to be heard in today’s social-media saturated world, only to have your “messages” fall on deaf ears? If so, Jamie Mustard has a solution to offer: you need to follow the Primal Laws of Attention. What are those Laws? Go BIG, BRIGHT and BOLD if you’ve got any chance to break through the clutter.  Also you need to leverage repetition, deliver an emotional jolt by addressing your audience’s primary emotional concern, and practice transparency to establish your authenticity. Most of all, engage in radical simplicity. If what you are saying can’t be readily, almost immediately understood, forget it. Start over. Then to back up radical simplicity, the “shaft” behind that arrowhead of simplicity is just enough salient details to make the messaging worthwhile. Now. Just. Do. It.

Released today: episode #83 of my podcast series “Dan Hill’s EQ Spotlight,” featuring Jamie Mustard discussing The Iconist: The Art and Science of Standing Out. Click on https://newbooksnetwork.com/category/special-series/dan-hills-eq-spotlight to get to the new episode.

Jamie Mustard is a London School of Economic graduate; he’s also an artist, filmmaker, consultant, and a leading authority on branding, art, design, and media perception.

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Dan Hill, PhD, is the president of Sensory Logic, Inc. His latest books, available on Amazon are Emotionomics 2.0: The Emotional Dynamics Underlying Key Business Goals and Blah, Blah, Blah: A Snarky Guide to Office Lingo.