How To Be a Glass-Shattering Organization

The statistics are, frankly, exasperating. Gender equality remains a mirage. For instance, the proportion of female CEOs at major companies in America struggles to break 10%. On Fortune 500 boards, only about 20% of the seats are held by women. The problems with achieving gender fairness go on and on. Fortunately, my guest Colleen Ammerman covers solid ways of addressing the injustices still present. Those steps include not tolerating bad behavior from “rainmakers”—even to the point of disallowing severance pay or other benefits if that person gets terminated due to sexual misconduct. Declining invitations to events that don’t prioritize gender diversity among its speakers is another avenue of applying pressure for change. For anybody who wants to witness both structural and cultural changes within companies, this episode is well worth a listen.

Released today: episode #88 of my podcast series “Dan Hill’s EQ Spotlight,” featuring Colleen Ammerman discussing Glass Half Broken: Shattering the Barriers That Still Hold Women Back at Work. Click on to get to the new episode.

Images of Author Colleen Ammerman and her new book "Glass Half Broken: Shattering the Barriers That Still Hold Women Back at Work" for Dan Hill's EQ Spotlight episode 88 titled "How to Be a Glass-Shattering Organization"

Colleen Ammerman, the director of the Harvard Business School Gender Initiative. She’s also a researcher with Life and Leadership After HBS.

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Dan Hill, PhD, is the president of Sensory Logic, Inc. His latest books, available on Amazon are Emotionomics 2.0: The Emotional Dynamics Underlying Key Business Goals and Blah, Blah, Blah: A Snarky Guide to Office Lingo.