How Non-Traditional Partners Can Win Together

In essence, the distrust that must be overcome in business partnerships involving large companies and startups consists of Will they screw up? versus Will they screw us over? In other words, large companies inevitably harbor concerns about the competency and reliability of their startup partners. In turn, entrepreneurs rightly worry that they will be taken advantage of, with their I.P. being co-opted or outright stolen. To establish trust rather than fear isn’t easy, as Dr. Prashantham acknowledges in this episode. Distrust can only be resolved by establishing how the partnership is a true win-win. At the same time, the person at the “bridge” on the corporation’s side must be at once an advocate, a diplomat, and mentor, spanning boundaries within the corporation to bring multiple business units on-board to ensure the collaboration can succeed. All this and more gets covered in this episode, which concludes by exploring how the answer to the question, “What’s the next China?” may actually be China outside of its largest, showcase cities.

Released today: episode #93 of my podcast series “Dan Hill’s EQ Spotlight,” featuring Shameen Prashantham discussing Gorillas Can Dance: Lessons from Microsoft and Other Corporations on Partnering with Startups. Click on to get to the new episode.

Images of Author Shameen Prashantham and his new book titled "Gorillas Can Dance: Lessons From Microsoft and Other Corporations on Partnering with Startups" for Dan Hill's EQ Spotlight Podcast episode 93. Available on "NewBooks Network."

Dr. Shameen Prasantham is Professor of International Business & Strategy and Associate Dean (MBA) at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai, China. His academic specialty is business partnerships that contribute to sustainable development goals.

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