An Antidote to the Great Resignation

What’s the overall theme of this episode? Inspiring greater empathy in the workplace. What makes it imperative for companies to pay attention now? The Great Resignation, which is really the Great Self-Realization. In other words, employees are realizing what matters to them and are changing jobs and careers to better align with their own values and desire to be themselves on the job. What’s standing in their way, prompting the wave of resignations? As DDS Dobson-Smith notes, too often the answer is executives who implore employees to change while not really taking a candid look at their own stale assumptions. The bottom line here is that empathy and inclusion go hand-in-hand.

Released today: episode #103 of my podcast series “Dan Hill’s EQ Spotlight,” featuring DDS Dobson-Smith, discussing You Can Be Yourself Here: Your Pocket Guide to Creating Inclusive Workplaces by Using the Psychology of Belonging. Click on to get to the new episode.

Images of author --- and his new book titled "You can Be Yourself Here: Your Pocket Guide to Creating Inclusive Workplaces By Using the Psychology of Belonging" for Dan Hill's EQ Spotlight Podcast episode number 103, titled "An Antidote to the Great Resignation". Available on the "NewBooks Network" Podcast.

DDS Dobson-Smith is the founder of the executive coaching consultancy Soul Trained and was certified as an Executive Coach by the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring. Prior to founding Soul Trained, he held senior roles at Marks & Spencer, Eurostar International, Sony Music Entertainment, and the world’s largest advertising agency, WPP.

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Dan Hill, PhD, is the president of Sensory Logic, Inc. His latest books, available on Amazon are Emotionomics 2.0: The Emotional Dynamics Underlying Key Business Goals and Blah, Blah, Blah: A Snarky Guide to Office Lingo.