High Wages: The Engine of Economic Growth and Well-Being

What sometimes gets overlooked is that Adam Smith not only became the “father of capitalism” by writing The Wealth of Nations; he also wrote The Theory of Moral Sentiments. Empathy matters, and this week’s guest Morris Altman argues that sustainable capitalism practices fairness. Too often the basic economic needs of rank-and-file workers are overlooked in a global economic where the wealthy call the shots. From anti-immigrant rhetoric to events in Ukraine, this is a timely episode that subjects the purported move from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism to skeptical examination. Want more engaged workers? To achieve that goal, make them more truly empowered, with their input acted on and rewarded alike.

Released today: episode #106A of my podcast series “Dan Hill’s EQ Spotlight,” featuring Morris Altman, discussing Worker Satisfaction and Economic Performance. Click on https://newbooksnetwork.com/category/special-series/dan-hills-eq-spotlight to get to the new episode.

Images of author --- and his new book titled "Worker Satisfaction and Economic Performance: Microfoundations of Success and Failure" for Dan Hill's EQ Spotlight Podcast, episode number 106, titled "High Wages: The Engine of Economic Growth & Well-Being". Available on the "NewBooks Network" Podcast.

Morris Altman is the Dean of the University of Dundee’s School of Business. He’s published over 130 referred papers and 17 books. He’s also held academic posts at the University of Saskatchewan, Victoria University, Newcastle University, and at Hebrew University, Stanford, Cornell and Duke.

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